Backyard pool in tropical setting

ClearBlue Ionizer Replacement Cells

You have the choice of three different replacement cells for your ClearBlue Ionizer mineral system. All cells can be stored for the Winter and reused in the Spring if you close your pool or hot tub.


Standard cells are recommended for smaller pools. They provide 6-12 months of life on average, depending on the pool size, weather and usage. Standard cells are made up of copper and zinc and are effective at algae control and improving water clarity. These are the lowest cost cells we offer.


Premium cells are recommended for hot tubs. You should expect 2-3 years of life, depending on the hot tub size and usage. Premium cells use silver, copper and zinc and are the most effective anti-microbial. You can use these for pools as well for premium water quality.

Long Life

Long Life cells are recommended for average to large pools, especially if you have the 40,000 gallon ClearBlue controller. They offer 12 months of life on average and use copper and zinc for algae control and water clarity. These cells are the best value in the lineup.