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ClearBlue Ionizer Standard Cell (6 Months)


Arrives in 3-5 business days

The Standard ClearBlue Ionizer replacement cell is a proprietary copper and zinc blend. It is recommended for pools where you can expect six months of life on average. DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

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The ClearBlue Ionizer reduces chemicals and maintenance in swimming pools and hot tubs. This replacement cell replenishes the minerals and lasts for 6 months on average.

  • Genuine manufacturer part CBI-CELL-PCZ-BOX
  • Compatible with all systems manufactured by ClearBlue Ionizer that have a PINK receptacle.
  • Recommended for smaller pools
  • Maintains appropriate mineral level for 6 months on average
  • Proprietary blend of copper and zinc
  • Algaecide, clarifier and mild anti-microbial
  • Get the Premium cell here
  • Get the Long Life 12-18 month cell here

You can replace the cell in minutes by hand with no tools or tape. The new cell with part CBI-CELL-PCZ replaces the legacy version part number A-750E.

If your controller has a blue number screen, when the ‘Mineral Action’ or ‘Ionizing’ light is flashing red, it is time to replace the cell. If your controller has a red number screen, the ‘Ionizing’ light will be off when it’s time to replace the cell.

CBI-CELL-PCZ is compatible with these models. The model number is on the back of the controller and the brand name is on the front:

  • ClearBlue Ionizer A-400D/N/H/UH
  • ClearBlue Ionizer A-700D/N/UN
  • ClearBlue Ionizer A-800D/N/H/UH
  • ClearBlue Ionizer A-850D/N/H/UH
  • ClearBlue Mineral System CBI-350P-SA/SN/SAT/SNT
  • ClearBlue Mineral System CBI-350P-18/25/40
  • Argenia Water System / Silver Water System A-450
  • Argenia Water System / Silver Water System A-750
  • Argenia Water System / Silver Water System A-850
  • ClearStream Ionizer
  • Nima Wellness A-400
  • Oligotech OT-120

For models with a blue receptacle, visit your local retailer or contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 3 in
Cell Life

6 Months


Copper, Zinc


Pink Receptacle Controllers

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