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Mineral Pools are Here

Imagine a pool with half the chemicals and twice the fun

Mineral Water is Better

It looks better, smells better and feels better than any other pool

Less Chlorine

Chlorine has been a mainstay of swimming pools for decades. That’s because it works! But it also smells bad, and wrecks things. Get all the benefits of chlorine without the negatives.

Less Maintenance

The biggest battle you face in your backyard swimming pool is keeping algae away. Minerals act as a natural algaecide so you can spend less time dumping in chemicals, brushing, flocking and all the rest.

Less Expensive

Mineral systems cost less than other santizing devices and save you money on chemicals. They will even save money on saltwater pools because you don’t have to change the cell as often.

Beautiful Water

There’s something unique about mineral pools – they have a certain sparkle that you don’t get from salt or chlorine. The water pH stays neutral which you feel on your skin. And it’s the freshest smelling water you’ll ever swim in.

ClearBlue Mineral System

ClearBlue Mineral System

The ClearBlue Mineral System is the gold standard in mineral systems for pools. Designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind, it is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain a pool. This system uses the purest silver, copper and zinc for premium water quality in all conditions.

Mineral Lion Pool Ionizer

The Mineral Lion pool ionizer is the best value mineral system available. It has a digital controller and copper, zinc cell. You will be hard pressed to find a system or chemical that keeps your pool water clear for less effort and money.

90-Day Guarantee

All of the mineral systems sold on are backed by a 90-day gaurantee. If you are not satisfied, simply ship the controller and cell back to us within 90 days and we’ll refund your money.

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