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Mineral Spa Hydrotherapy

Take your soaks to the next level

Mineral Water is Better

It looks better, smells better and feels better than any other hot tub

Less Chlorine

There’s nothing worse than smelling like chlorine after soaking in your hot tub. Minerals do most of the work so you can reduce chlorine to a low smell level.

Less Maintenance

Water maintenance in a hot tub can quickly become a chore. With minerals, you have less sanitizing and balancing to do, so the workload is lighter.

Less Expensive

The cost of hot tub products can really add up. But what really gets expensive is the long term maintenance of the equipment and shell. Minerals make the water easier on your investment.

Beautiful Water

There’s something unique about mineral spas – they have a certain feel that you don’t get from salt or chlorine. The water pH stays neutral which you feel on your skin. And it’s the freshest smelling water you’ll ever soak in.

ClearBlue Mineral System

ClearBlue Mineral System

The ClearBlue Mineral System is the gold standard in mineral systems for hot tubs. Designed from the ground up with purity in mind, it is one of the most natural ways to maintain a spa. ClearBlue uses the purest silver, copper and zinc for premium water quality in all conditions.

90-Day Guarantee

All of the mineral systems sold on thinkminerals.com are backed by a 90-day gaurantee. If you are not satisfied, simply ship the controller and cell back to us within 90 days and we’ll refund your money.

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