Backyard in the summertime with a hot tub

Quick hot tub install for the ClearBlue Mineral System

There are two ways to install the ClearBlue mineral system on your hot tub. The easiest way is to fasten the controller to the side of the hot tub, dangle the mineral cell over the side and into the water, and plug the controller into a standard wall outlet. You can also plumb the system inline which is more effort, but a cleaner solution. The first method is described below.

Step 1: Mount the Controller

The ClearBlue systems comes with two velcro strips. With the two sides of the velcro stuck together, peel the backing from one side and stick it on the controller overtop of the screw mounts. Hold it in place for 30 seconds. Repeat this with the other velcro pair over the lower screw mount.

Back of ClearBlue controller
Step 1: Mount the controller

With both velcro pairs stuck to the back of the controller, peel the backings from the other side of each pair. Press the controller against the side of the hot tub firmly for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Plug in and Place the Mineral Cell

Screw the cell head into the clear tee until it is hand tight.

Plug the mineral cell into the controller. Make sure that the plug is in all the way so that the plug head is flush with the flat part of the receptacle. There should not be any gap. This will make sure the connection is waterproof.

Once the cell is fully plugged in, drape the tee and head of the cell over the side of the hot tub and place in the water such that the two bars are completely under water.

Note: It is best to place the cell head close to a circulation jet so that water moves around the two bars.

Step 3: Plug in the Controller

Once the cell has been placed completely under water, you can power up the controller by plugging it in. Go here for details on how to set up the controller.