Interpreting the Copper Test

Here are some useful tips on how to optimize your mineral system and water based on your copper test results.

My copper level is below 0.2ppm

If your copper level is below 0.2ppm, you can use the ‘Increase’ mode on the controller to increase the mineral level quicker. This function will run the output on “full blast” for the number of hours it is set to. Every hour, the number will count down by 1. Once it reaches 00, it will switch automatically back to the ‘Maintain’ mode.

Set the number according to the manual or the controller settings calculator.

You can run the Increase cycle as many times as necessary to get the copper level to reach 0.2ppm.

If your controller doesn’t have an ‘Increase’ mode, you can set the number to 99 for a period of time to increase the mineral level faster. Be sure to test the copper level every couple of days. Once it reaches 0.2ppm, turn the number back down to what it was. You can find the optimal level for your pool on the controller settings page.

If you still have questions, please check out the ClearBlue Ionizer Help Page.

Increase mode setting

My copper level is above 0.4ppm

If your copper level is above 0.4ppm, but less than 1ppm, you can turn off the mineral output. If your hot tub has the topside control, you can press and hold the button in the center until the blue light turns off. You can leave it off for several weeks. To turn the mineral output back on, press the button once and the blue light will come back on, indicating that output has resumed.

If you do not have a topside or you have the pool system, press and hold the ‘Increase’ button until the ‘Mineral Action’ light turns off, or cut the power to the controller.

Topside Control

My copper level is 1ppm or higher

If your copper level goes above 1ppm, you should turn off the mineral output (see above). You can also use a chelating agent to make sure that the minerals stay dissolved. This will ensure that you don’t get minerals collecting on surfaces which can lead to staining. This is usually only necessary on a hot tub.

The Ionizer Stuff is an example of a chelating agent.

Please note that it will take several weeks for the copper level to come back down to the 0.2-0.4ppm range if it gets this high.

Chelating Agent