Easy spa maintenance with minerals

Did you know that you can use minerals as a natural sanitizer in your hot tub? The ClearBlue Mineral System adds minerals to the water which fight bacteria and algae so you can reduce chlorine, pH balancing and other chemicals.

Best of all – your hot tub will be easier to manage. You’ll use it more than ever because the water feels divine and your skin is soft after soaking.

ClearBlue Mineral System 2022
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Crystal clear, fresh smelling water with less chemicals

With the ClearBlue system, you only need a splash of chlorine. You won’t smell chemicals when you’re soaking and your skin will feel fresh after use.

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ClearBlue makes it easy to maintain the perfect level of minerals in your spa


The ClearBlue controller lets you set the perfect output level for your spa. It comes with a test you can use to verify the levels.


Minerals act as a natural sanitizer so you can safely reduce the chlorine or bromine levels.

Low power

ClearBlue releases minerals using a tiny electrical charge. You won’t even notice a change to your power bill.

Easy to install

Installs in most hot tubs in 60 minutes. Or, just throw the cell over the top and start using your mineral spa right away.

How it works

You can convert your hot tub to a mineral spa with a few easy steps

1. Purchase the system

2. Install on your hot tub

3. Balance the water

4. Set and forget

Set the output settings on the ClearBlue controller. In a few days, your water will be infused with minerals and your soaks will be taken to a new level.

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